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Beltway Paving's Go~Green Initiative

At Beltway, we are committed to employing the latest technology in green alternatives in the asphalt paving and concrete construction industry. 

From paving with porous asphalt and using recycled material, to Infrared Road Repair; Beltway Paving can assist you in your efforts to be a little more earth friendly in your paving projects.

Porous pavement for example, allows water to flow through it instead of shedding water.  This reduces water runoff and returns water naturally to the water table. 

Infrared Road Repair (IRR) is another technology designed to reduce the environmental impact of the asphalt industry. 

Our Infrared Road Repair Truck fixes potholes, cracks, and webbing in less time, while using less material.

By re-heating the asphalt surface with infrared rays, it is returned to a workable consistency to be repaired rather than having to be removed and replaced.

Using Infrared Road Repair technology,  we restore the asphalt in less than 1/3 of the patching time and reduce the carbon footprint of traditional asphalt patching by 2/3. 

As your pavement ages and more critical asphalt repairs become necessary, using our Infrared Repair Service is an efficient, cost-effective solution. 

Contact us for a Free Estimate of our Infrared Road Repair Services.

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