Beltway Paving Co. at the Bowie Armed Reserve

Beltway Paving, Inc. has been in NE Washington, D.C. at the old PEPCO Benning Road Power Plant installing asphalt pavement for a new on site fueling facility.

The 19 acre facility was built in 1906, and underwent several changes before being demolished in 2012.  The facility was powered by coal until 1976, when it was converted to petroleum.   Preparations for closing the power plant began in 2007.  

As part of the closure, the plant and adjoining areas were cleaned, secured and maintained in accordance with District of Columbia and Federal environmental regulations.   This initiative is part of a larger clean-up effort of the Anacostia River and the surrounding communities.

Beltway Paving has been contracted by the Korte Company and Joint-Venture partner Sheffield Construction, LLC to install asphalt paving at the new  Bowie Armed Reserve Center located on Marshal Corner Road in White Plains, Maryland. 

Our paving crew installed approximately 5,000 tons of base and surface asphalt and performed striping for the 15-acre site which will be fully operational in late 2018 or early 2019.  The center will be used for Army Reserves training and day-to-day activities, and will be home to a vehicle maintenance shop and recruitment office.

The Bowie Army Reserve Center is designated for the consolidation of three smaller Maryland Army Reserve centers currently in Annapolis, Riverdale and Upper Marlboro.  About 600 employees and Reserve soldiers assigned to those facilities will transfer to the new Bowie center which includes a 79,000-square-foot administrative and training center.  Seventeen units in the 99th Army Reserve Group will train at the facility, with approximately 200 reservists each of 37 weekends per year.

The 90,000 square foot Design-Build project included the design and construction of an ARC training facility (79,795 square feet), Organizational Maintenance Shop (5,703 square feet) and an Unheated Storage Building (5,163 square feet).

installing asphalt roads in Foxwood subdivision

Happy New Year 2018 everyone!  This past December, as the year 2017 was coming to a close, Beltway Paving has been busy wrapping up a few asphalt paving projects in Maryland. 

The first photo shown above is from a job filling potholes and performing asphalt patching at the Salon 2000 Beauty Salon in Waldorf.   

The second photo is from the residential development called Hamilton Park in Waldorf, Maryland.  Local company - Sandy Excavating, Inc. contracted Beltway Paving to perform fine grading and to install 4,500 tons of base asphalt for road surfaces for a 170 residential townhome building lot located just minutes from Routes 228, 5 and 301. 

The last photo on the right is from our Mason Street project in District Heights, Maryland where Beltway performed full depth repairs - milling and overlay.  This job was completed on December 19th 2017. 

For more photos from these recent projects ~ go to our Gallery page.

Prince Frederick Dodge Dealership

Fine grading and installing base asphalt for roadways in Hamilton Park Waldorf, Maryland

Safety is Job #1

The Latest News from Beltway Paving, Inc.

Adam's Crossing Waldorf, Maryland

Asphalt Paving at Adams Crossing in Waldorf, MD

Milling | overlay | full depth repair in District Heights Maryland
asphalt pavement roller Foxwood in Lusby, Md

Beltway Paving is currently in the process of paving a 1500 ton asphalt parking lot for MV Transportation, Inc. on Demarr Road in White Plains, Maryland.  The transportation company is the provider of the local public transit service for Charles County known as VanGo.

VanGO public transit provides transportation op­portunities within Charles County and serves many destinations including the College of Southern Maryland, St. Charles Towne Center Mall, various employment locations and medical facilities, as well as numerous shopping centers.  The Public Transportation service provides routes that operate on fixed schedules.

VanGO operates specialized transportation services for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities who are unable to access the general public services and for medical assistance recipients who have no other means of transportation.

MV Transportation, Inc. operates transportation on behalf of a number of entities across the nation.

  • City & County Governments 
  • Transit Departments, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Multi-City Consortiums 
  • Special-Purpose Districts 
  • Chartered Counties, Governmental Districts, Transit Agencies, Transit Districts, School Districts, Airports Authorities 
  • Federal Agencies
  • Various
  • Private Entities
  • Universities, Private Companies, Hospitals, Hotels, Casinos

MV represents more than 200 public transit agencies and private companies in performing passenger transportation service in both the U.S. and Canada.  They are the largest privately owned transportation company in North America, providing paratransit, fixed route, shuttle and school bus services.

asphalt patching at Salon 2000 in Waldorf, Maryland

Beltway Paving was contracted by Gilbane, Inc. in 2016 - 2017 to pave the tennis courts, sidewalks

and teacher’s parking lot of the Ron Brown Men’s Empowerment School in Washington, D. C.  

The creation of the Ron Brown high school is a result of former Chancellor of the DCPS Kaya Henderson’s

decision in 2015 to invest $20 million in a city initiative for black and Hispanic male students. 

The college preparatory public high school opened its doors in August 2016. 

The school has made headlines not only for its mission to empower disadvantaged

minority youths, but also because it is a school open only to male students.

Full capacity for the school is estimated to be 500 – 600 students by the start of the 2019 school year.

Beltway Paving at the Galazio Restaurant in La Plata, Maryland

In 2017 Beltway Paving installed the final surface paving on roadways a local subdivision at Adams Crossing in Waldorf, Maryland.  We installed 500 tons of asphalt for this project.  Beltway was contracted by the

General Contractor Jim Lorenzi.

Located in Charles County Maryland, Adams Crossing is a neighborhood of new luxury town homes

close to the St Charles Center Mall & Waldorf Marketplace.


With warmer weather just around the corner, many commercial real estate and residential home owners alike begin to turn their attention to the exterior view of their property as they begin planning their next gardening, landscaping, and house painting projects. 

When it comes to a first impression of your home or place of business, the driveway and parking area play an important role.  If you are less than happy with their appearance or condition, then maybe it’s time to repair any cracks, potholes and depressions in your asphalt surface -  and secondly to decide whether to repave or sealcoat after making those repairs. 

Each option has long-lasting and impressive effects that actually complement one another.  In this post, we aim to address the differences between these two options.

Sealcoating is one of the most important steps to protecting an owner’s investment in an asphalt driveway or parking lot.  Sealers consist of emulsions that combine asphalt or refined coal tar with clays, mineral fillers, and water.  The initial sealer application forms a barrier to prevent water penetration and to inhibit deterioration of the asphalt binder by oxidation and over-drying.

Initial sealing should occur six to twelve months after the asphalt surface is laid to allow the pavement to “cure” so oils can escape and the surface becomes ready for sealer.  Sealer is typically the most cost-effective solution and should be reapplied every two to three years as preventative maintenance. 

While some homeowners sealcoat their driveways themselves, there is a good argument for hiring a professional contractor to handle your pavement needs; a professional will apply a high-quality sealing material and will have professional equipment such as crack cleaners and power blowers that often enable them to perform a longer-lasting, higher quality job.  Also, a professional contractor can spot other pavement repair needs that might otherwise be missed. 

The answer for driveways or parking lots that have numerous potholes, severe deterioration, and deep wide cracks is to repave the asphalt surface. 

An asphalt overlay is a compacted level of one-and-a-half to two inches of asphalt being installed over top of the existing surface.  This in essence creates a new asphalt surface.  As with sealcoating, you must first clean and repair the existing asphalt surface.  Without this step, cracks and irregular sections may appear and it may create additional problems - such as poor adhesion to the previous pavement.

Areas where the asphalt surface has concaved indicate failure of the stone foundation underneath.  This scenario requires digging out existing asphalt, and repairing the stone base with new material before patching to prevent trouble spots from returning later.  Finally, the overlay is installed over the previous surface.  

The benefit to installing an overlay is the pavement looks like new again.  Sealcoating should not be added for six months to a year, just as with any new installation of asphalt.  With regular upkeep, your pavement could last 20 years or more.  The downside to repaving is that it is much more expensive than sealing.

Even when you have the choice to repave or repair, sealcoating is still a very important factor in your effort to protect asphalt from weathering and degradation.  Without sealer the asphalt could require an overlay in as little as five to six years, costing thousands of dollars.  When considering the costs, it seems the best investment a homeowner or commercial property owner can make is to adhere to a customized maintenance plan that includes periodic sealcoating.


MV Transportation, Inc. Parking Lot Project in White Plains, Maryland 

The New Foxwood Development in Lusby, Maryland

How to Preserve Your Asphalt Parking Lot or Driveway

March 17, 2018

In 2017 Prince Frederick Dodge, an auto dealer in Prince Frederick, Maryland contracted Beltway Paving to install asphalt in the parking lot of the Calvert County dealership.  

This was previously a gravel lot and Beltway installed 400 tons of asphalt, including grading.

Beltway has been paving for this dealership at other branches and locations for the past 10 years.

Beltway Paving has been contracted by Sandy Excavating, Inc. in La Plata, Maryland to install asphalt roadways in the newly opened single family home community of Foxwood, located close to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Lusby, Maryland.

Marrick Properties, Inc. located in Prince Frederick, Maryland is the builder of this development of 33 homes which are to be built individually on 1/2 acre lots or larger.

Beltway Paving has used 600 tons of base asphalt in the installation of the residential roadways for this new community nestled near Cove Point Hollow in Calvert County.  With many plans and top of the line features to choose from, these homes start in the upper $300s.

The Ron Brown Men's Empowerment School Washington, District of  Columbia

Residential Paving & Asphalt Repair Projects in Waldorf and District Heights, Maryland  December 2017

Paving Project at The Benning Road PEPCO Site

Fort Belvoir U.S. Army Facility Project

Beginning in January 2018, Beltway Paving was contracted by Lifecycle Construction, Inc. to remove and replace playgrounds at the Fort Belvoir U.S. Army base in Fairfax, VA.   

Fort Belvoir is a United States Army installation in Fairfax County, Virginia - located 22 miles south of Washington, D.C.  It was developed on the site of the former Belvoir plantation, seat of the prominent Fairfax family for whom Fairfax County was named.

The base was founded during World War I as Camp A. A. Humphreys, named for Union Civil War general Andrew A. Humphreys.  The post was later renamed as Fort Belvoir in the 1930s in recognition of the Belvoir plantation that once occupied the site.

Today, Fort Belvoir is the largest employer in Fairfax County.  In addition to U.S. Army forces, the U.S. Navy construction battalion, a Marine Corps detachment, one U.S. Air Force unit, and an agency of the Department of Treasury are also stationed at Fort Belvoir.

The base comprises three geographically distinct properties which include the main base, Davison Army Airfield, and the Fort Belvoir North Area.

Beltway Paving, Inc. poured sidewalks, curbs, and installed the stone base for the surfaces of the playgrounds. 

The expected completion date for this project is February 1st 2018.

In the month of April, Beltway Paving, Inc. has been busy installing the final surface paving of a townhouse development at Adams Crossing in Waldorf, Maryland. 

Beltway was contracted by the engineering, planning and surveying firm Lorenzi, Dodds & Gunnill, Inc. of Charles County, Maryland.  Adams Crossing is a neighborhood of new luxury town homes close to the St Charles Center Mall & Waldorf Marketplace.

Beltway Paving has recently been paving at the Greek Restaurant Galazio in the heart of La Plata, Maryland and located at the Hawthorne Center Shopping Plaza on Crain Highway. 

This job was an asphalt milling and overlay of the customer parking lot.  W&W Striping, Inc. contracted Beltway Paving for this project and it required 270 tons of asphalt for the overlay.  For more pics of this project, see our Gallery page.